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CSI DSC is the only university in the world where students live and learn using American Sign Language (ASL) and English.

Here being deaf is not something to overcome, but the place to embrace oneself, build connections within and beyond the signing and deaf community. At Gallaudet, our students find affirmative and positive acceptance of who they are and all they have to offer our world.
The freedom to communicate easily with everyone around you without barriers will change your life. Learn more about the Bilingual Advantage.



The school was found by the CHURCH OF ENGLAND OF ZENANA MISSIONARY SOCIETY (C.E.Z.M.S.) in 1912 and it was called CEZMS School for the deaf, Mylapore, Chennai. Subsequently on the 4th of September 1956, it was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 as ‘Church of South India School for the Deaf’, Mylapore, Madras. At present the school is managed by The C.S.I. Diocese of Madras.

In the year 1896, an English Missionary Ms.Florence Swainson established a school for the deaf in Palayamkottai where few children also from Madras joined. She decided to start a school for the deaf in Madras too and hence in 1912 with just of 7 children, the deaf school in Madras was established inspite of much opposition. At first, everything took place in one building which is still existence. It was a residential school.

Over the years other buildings were raised up. The present main class room block was opened in 1962, the Boys Hostel in 1971 and the Girls Hostel in 1975.

Student Testimonials

Best school for deaf student, good staffs and friendly teachers and very effective and comfortable surroundings, CSI Deaf School Chennai is the best.
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At DSC, Students belong, excel and thrive. DSC prepares students from birth to age 21 to be college and career ready by ensuring students achieve the essential skills of a rigorous curriculum in a bilingual environment where ASL and English are equally valued.


DCS nurtures interactions within our community, as well as creating partnerships locally and globally, to bring new opportunities to our students and to strengthen the future of DSC.


DSC recognizes excellence as equipping a diverse community of promising young people to go out in the world with the confidence to lead lives of integrity, purpose, and achievement in an increasingly global society.

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